Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet Little Helper

In just a few days my little baby boy will be 19 months old. I know I have been saying this since he was about a month old, but they really do grow so fast!
It has been such a joy raising this little boy, and as quickly as it goes, there is still so much ahead, and I can't wait!

He's been morphing from "baby" to "toddler" rather quickly lately. Hilarious tantrums, the "Happy Patrick Dance" that he does pretty much on demand, and just recently helping me wash him during bath time, and helping me dress him. He has always been very independent. I'm actually really happy about that, though it does make me a bit wistful for those tiny baby days where we just snuggled together for hours. More and more he is able to do things on his own, and I have noticed that as he can do more on his own, he's been a bit more snuggly too. Not just with me either. If grown-ups ask him for hugs he will sometimes give them. Other babies don't even have to ask - they get hugs before they even get a hello, much to their surprise.

I definitely have a sweet little helper on my hands. Now, I wonder if I can get him to help me clean?

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