Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Plumpkin

Today is Patrick's birthday.(If you didn't guess that by the title of this post, as well as the numerous FB and Twitter updates I made today) I just can't believe that he is 2 years old. It doesn't seem all that long ago that he was this itty bitty wriggly thing. Ok, he was never very itty bitty, but to me, he was tiny. So much has happened since he was born, not all of it good, but I have managed to keep his world happy and safe, and isn't that the entire point?

While he has said loving things to me before, and repeats after me when I tell him I love him, and tells me he loves his trains and "autos"... Today, for the very first time, he hugged me tight and said "Love you." What a wonderful, amazing, fabulous feeling. I know he loves me, but to hear him say it all meaningfully and sweet, that is a pretty special thing.

He had a lot of fun today. While his Mimi was still home, we all went to a park where he got to run up and down hills, play in the dirt, just "be free" (That is what he says when he doesn't want to hold my hand) And he got to eat cookies for breakfast.
After his nap we went outside to draw on the sidewalk. I think he could sit out there all day drawing and never get bored. We also drew a lot inside. He doesn't have a set of train tracks yet, so we draw them.

We played chase through the house, played with autos, watched "Chitty Bang Bang Bang", ate yummy food, and just had a wonderful day together. Patrick also received 2 birthday cards in the mail (How cool is that!) One from his Aunt Jenny & Uncle Tim, and one from his Papa & Gigi and Uncle Josh. He wanted to snuggle both of the cards when he went to bed. That's his new thing for all of his toys - they have to come to bed to "snuggle"

It was a pretty awesome day. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Plumpkin & The Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago, just before Halloween, Patrick had his very first pumpkin patch adventure. We went with Crystal & Roger, and we had a blast (despite the fact that the weather turned quite a bit warmer than we had expected).
The place actually opened a little later than we thought, so we passed the time with a walk at a cute little park in Dunnellon. Patrick enjoyed running around, especially when we taught him the words "Diabolical" and "Inconceivable" There is truly nothing more hilarious than watching a toddler run, arms flailing around, shouting those words as loud as he can and laughing gleefully.

Once we got to the pumpkin patch, Patrick was more than ready for more fun! He rode in the little wagon for a while, exclaiming "Oh! Pumpkin! BIG pumpkin" and "Oh! Another one!" over and over again. Then he decided he wanted to help Uncle Roger push the wagon.

He helped us pick out the best pumpkins (including Mimi's "Pickle Pumpkin" a giant long green gourd thing) and helped me pick out the prettiest sunflowers.

It was a truly wonderful pumpkin adventure!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Patrick's Summer Adventures

Since it is technically not the end of summer until tomorrow, I figured I still had time to write about Patrick's summer. I really need to start doing a better job of keeping up with this blog, not just for those who enjoy the updates, but so I can look back and remember all of this stuff later on.

So, Summer 2011:

Germany - It was during the 3 weeks in Germany that Patrick's already astonishing vocabulary really started to expand even more. He also started saying and remembering people's names. We went on many adventures - forest walks, museums visits, trips to the zoo, visiting with family and friends, eating cake. If you don't consider eating cake an adventure, that is because you don't have an almost 2yr old. Trust me when I tell you, it is an adventure :)
Patrick danced with Omi, bonded with Andreas, fell in love with Eva, and stole the hearts of everyone he met. The plane ride home was a bit of an adventure as well, but not in a good way at first. He cried almost the entire 8hr flight. Yup, the people on the plane loved us. But I figure, as many airplane rides as he has been on, we were probably due for 1 rough trip. The short leg of the trip he made friends with the nice lady sitting next to us. When I say made friends I mean, she said "Hello, what's your name?" And he introduced himself and Louie and jumped into her lap...and stayed there the entire flight. At least he didn't cry.

Beach Fun - Towards the tail end of the summer we spent two weekends at the beach. Patrick LOVES the ocean, even more than he did last year. He also enjoyed the sand more this year. Last year he wanted nothing to do with it. This was the first year that I actually saw the dolphins. Patrick saw them too and was very excited about them! He still talks about them and the sea olives. It was during the beach weekend that Patrick fell in love with drawing. He "borrowed" a drawing pad from his cousins and filled it with colorful scribbles that he gleefully announced here trucks. Trucks, autos, dump-trucks, firetrucks, bicycles... I now have notes books filled with his wonderful happy drawings, as well as the things he politely requests (i.e. demands) I (or whoever has been told to sit and be drawing) draw for him.

Definitely a summer full of wonderful fun and new experiences! <3

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime - Striking Fear in our Hearts

There has been an influx of articles about the dangers of summer: The dangers of swimming and the beach; the dangers of travel; the dangers of foods like popcorn, grapes, and hotdogs; the dangers of sunscreen; the dangers of no sunscreen; the dangers of playing outside...

The articles are filled with horrifying stories. Stories that kill you inside, just a little bit. Stories that make you want to lock your child up in a room with nothing but padded walls and mush to eat.

I realize that these articles are there to raise awareness. There are horrible stories out there because people don't pay attention to signs of heat stroke, or do tragically unthinking things like leave a child in the car "for a few minutes" or feed them chocking hazard food and don't watch them, or leave them unattended (or just don't pay attention) while they are in a pool...
I get it. Make people aware of the dangers to minimize tragedy.

But seriously folks, do we have to actually strike fear in the hearts of parents everywhere?
Like I need these constant panic attacks thinking of what "could" happen? As if these are not thoughts lurking in the back of my mind anyway? Must there be awful stories and DANGER! WARNING! DANGER! everywhere I turn?

How about this - if you are a parent, or taking care of a child at any time - do these things:
1. Watch them 200% percent of the time, especially around water, whether they can swim or not.
2. Read up briefly to see what foods are potential choking hazards for their age. For example, Under the age of three: Popcorn, whole grapes, hotdogs (even cut in round pieces) and anything round could be a hazard. Also, children under the age of three should be supervised when eating.
3. Knowing CPR is a very good idea!
4. If you are hot and sweaty, your child is even hotter. Children get heat stroke much easier and more quickly than adults. Keep them hydrated and keep them cool, even if that means pulling over during a road trip and hanging out for 30 min. in an air-conditioned building. Easy right?
5. Don't leave your kids or animals in a car, even with the windows open. It can quickly reach over 100 degrees. By quickly, I mean within minutes. Remember that heat stroke thing we talked about? So, just don't do it. It isn't worth it.
6. While it is not the best idea to lather your little ones (especially really little ones) up with sunscreen all the time, a bit of chemicals on their skin is better than a horrible sunburn. So, use good judgement. If you are going to a park where there is plenty of shade, they probably don't need to be lathered. Plus, that Vit. D is good for them. If you are going to the beach with very little shade in sight, well, sunscreen is your friend.

There, I have informed you of dangers, but not scared you senseless. Go forth and enjoy the summer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet Little Helper

In just a few days my little baby boy will be 19 months old. I know I have been saying this since he was about a month old, but they really do grow so fast!
It has been such a joy raising this little boy, and as quickly as it goes, there is still so much ahead, and I can't wait!

He's been morphing from "baby" to "toddler" rather quickly lately. Hilarious tantrums, the "Happy Patrick Dance" that he does pretty much on demand, and just recently helping me wash him during bath time, and helping me dress him. He has always been very independent. I'm actually really happy about that, though it does make me a bit wistful for those tiny baby days where we just snuggled together for hours. More and more he is able to do things on his own, and I have noticed that as he can do more on his own, he's been a bit more snuggly too. Not just with me either. If grown-ups ask him for hugs he will sometimes give them. Other babies don't even have to ask - they get hugs before they even get a hello, much to their surprise.

I definitely have a sweet little helper on my hands. Now, I wonder if I can get him to help me clean?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

18 Months

Patrick is 18 months old today! Can you believe it!? I sure can't.
He's growing so fast!

He is now 26 lbs and 10 ounces and 33.5 inches long. Growing, growing, growing!

The pediatrician said that temper tantrums are a good thing. I'm just going to believe her, she is very wise.
And they are kinda cute, those little tantrums...most of the time.

He loves music, words, food (even though it is pretty much impossible for me to feed him) It is just so amazing to watch his little personality develop. What am I saying, his BIG personality. There's a whole lot of oomph in that little guy!

We have a few exciting trips coming up too! A visit to see his Papa and GiGi in June, almost the whole month of July in Germany, then the annual Beach House fun in August. He has an exciting life, that baby boy of mine <3

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day weekend! I celebrated with my mom, and Patrick, of course. We went to Disney both days and had such a fantastic time! It was the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot, so it was even more lovely than usualt. On Sunday we even pretended to be tourists and bought a bunch of stuff. It was such a treat!
Patrick LOVED Epcot! He was delighted by all of the people, the sounds, the sights, and the "bath" (Any moving or body of water)

It was such a special time. I will remember it always!