Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weight Woes

I found something that might actually work to help me lose weight! It is very similar to the Herbalife program I did with phenomenal success many years ago. (if only I hadn't messed that up...but thats another issue all together...) So, I have found this awesomeness that very likely will help me jumpstart my weight loss! Help me finally get a handle on this awful fat and non energy. And it's very natural and healthy and all that - full of herbal goodness. The problem is, I really should not do it while breastfeeding.

My mom started to ween me when I was 6 months old because I got teeth (Sorry mom!) but I really wanted to breastfeed as long as possible, maybe even for a year...I actually really enjoy it.

Imagine my horror when this awful and utterly selfish thought crept in my head "Well, you could start weening him and do the weight loss"
Am I a terrible mother to even have momentarily considered the idea as a viable option!?

I want to continue breastfeeding.
I want to ween when we are both ready (Though, considering his fascination with food, I think he will be ready before I am) not because of my silly need to not be fat anymore.

But God, I really don't want to be fat anymore.

I could cry.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Roly-Poly Pumpkin

Patrick can now officially roll from belly to back (which he did for the first time in NC and has greatly enjoyed since) and back to belly!

He rolled back to belly for the first time yesterday! AND I have it on video! Ok, I have his 3rd time on video because I actually completely missed the first one, he just suddenly appeared on his belly, and I didn't have the camera out for the second one. But, no matter - I have roly-poly pumpkin video footage to share SOON!
Let me also say, that little boy is thrilled about rolling all over the place! He laughs every time he does it.

Another adorable thing - as I have mentioned in previous posts, he's been smiling at the cats and it is so sweet, but yesterday he actually laughed at Sparky! It was the cutest thing EVER! Apparently kitties are just really funny.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Outing

I left the baby with someone other than Drew or my mom. I'm super proud of myself, and it was really nice to be out doing something girly.
My friend Joy, who just had a baby of her own, offered to watch the pumpkin for me while I went out to lunch with another friend of mine for our "once every 4 months or so" lunch date.

He apparently had quite a wonderful time with Joy, Jose, and little Brielli; because after about 30 minutes of nonstop babbles, telling me all about his visit, he passed out mid "sentence".
He is fast asleep right now too. He must have had a very exciting day!

It was strange not having him or the diaper bag on me. Strange, but light. Carrie and I had a great time chatting and laughing. I felt very free. But I missed him on the car ride back to Joy's, and I was so very happy to see him once we got there.

I really do like being just me sometimes, but there is nothing like being a mommy.
It is so nice that I get to do both.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


It is 2:25am. I am awake. Every single creature in my house is asleep, more than one is snoring...I am awake.

What made me actually drag myself out of bed you ask? A crying baby woke me to be fed. Not unusual. But, after feeding him, instead of dropping right back into my cozy bed, I found myself pondering cloth diaper things. For example, how does one remove the fuzzies from velcro? Or stains? Or any lingering odor? And can something be done about the occasional wicking (mild leaking) from the side tab?
Apparently, these were such burning questions that I decided to go out into the living room to google them. Sadly, I am not kidding.

I am happy to report I have found my answers and will be applying them in the very near future. The bad news is simply, if it was not already obvious, I am still awake.

I am awake while my husband snores and my baby sleeps (how can he sleep through that?)

I am awake and have no more burning questions.

I am awake and I am quite bored.

I have "momsomnia"


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 Months ( and 3 days)

Into month 5 of mommy bliss. That baby of mine is such a joy! Lately he's had a few fussy days, but even then all he needs is a good snuggle and he's happy again.
And there have been so many new things happening!
Patrick very much enjoys eating his toes, especially when we are trying to change him. He has discovered a great love for his caterpillar and elephant dangle toys (thanks Angela!) especially now that he can pull them down himself. He is very interested in the animals now, he smiles at them and wants to grab them. Really, he wants to grab anything and everything and put it in his mouth - this includes the dog's leash (while it is attached to the dog) and the sun cover to his car seat. =)
He loves kisses and even gave me one the other day!
He also smiles when I sing. I cannot even begin to describe the things it does to my heart to have him show that something I love to do makes his little heart so happy.

Patrick is just such a wonderful baby!
I can't wait to see what he does next!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Patrick loves pickles! Seriously!

While we are not starting solid food just yet, he did get a little taste of a pickle today. He was grabbing at it as I was eating it so I let him have a lick. The face he made was hysterical, and I was pretty certain he didn't like it one bit. But he wanted more! He sucked on it and loved it! I was quite amazed, but it turns out pickles were one of my favorite foods when I was little, so maybe it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After reading this little story I realized that while some moms have "given up" on an adventurous life and are trying to find new meaning, I am trying to discover an adventurous life so I can show my little boy the wonders of the world.

I just thought that was kinda neat. No matter who you are before you have a baby, everything really does change...

I worry sometimes that I will not be able to rediscover my adventurous side, that I'll end up being such a boring mom and Patrick won't have nearly as much fun as he could if I wasn't so afraid of stuff. But then I remind myself that I was the one who pushed us to take out impromptu vacation to the mountains, and that I climbed down the mountain side with Drew so he could show me salamanders (even though I was quite nervous and not wearing the right shoes). I remind myself that I went sailing on a little pontoon boat in Jamaica and I went to NY for a wedding to finally meet people I had never met before - all by myself...I sang on stage multiple times in front of hundreds of people, once without music. I wasn't very good that time, but I still did it. I remind myself that I have had some adventures here and there...

Maybe Patrick's mommy is not so fearful...maybe I have an adventurous side after all.

Mountains and Milestones

We went to the North Carolina Mountain house this past weekend. It was my first time going, and Drew had not been there in years.
I was a bit terrified the first couple of times going up/down the mountain roads, but gradually my fears lessened. Patrick had a wonderful time with all the new sights and smells. He also enjoyed being able to play with his Grandma & Grandpa D for more than just a few hours.

I'm so glad we decided to go. I want to have many more adventures like that. I sometimes enjoy just hiding away from the world, but I want to show Patrick everything, so hiding away is just not an option!
It was a short trip, rather impromptu, and a whole lot of fun! I cannot wait to go again! Maybe next time I'll even have time to visit two of my close friends who live a few hours away from where we were. That would be wonderful.

Another very cool thing about the trip to the mountain house is that Patrick had 2 milestone firsts while we were there! Friday, late afternoon, he grabbed his foot all by himself and nibbled on his toes. Now he just can't get enough of them! And then, Saturday afternoon, he rolled over from his belly to his back! Poor Drew was napping and missed it, but mom and I were so excited and Patrick thoroughly enjoyed our squeals of happiness and squealed right along with us.

Now, I just need to get these wonderful things on video!